Judy Gilbert - Passionately Protecting Barrier Life


Wow! Thank you for such great support and the strong voting to secure my position on the Local Board.

The final results

Izzy Fordham  378

Sue Daly  347

Judy Gilbert 307

Jeff Cleave  272

Chritina Spence 220


This has the potential to be a powerful and progressive board with a committment to involving community in the planning and protection of our way of life here.

What I would like to see for the Barrier in 5 years time 

Infrastructure that is functional, beautiful and in character with our island

Around 2000 island residents adding dynamic to our community

Niche tourism at levels that enhances our lifestyles

Biodiversity going through the roof without pests present

Pristine beaches and freshwater streams

Subsidised septic improvements in built up areas

Reduced waste and creative recycling

A place to barter and trade excess food and goods

A Great Barrier Enterprises Board

Barrier fish and meat businesses

Full employment and training opportunities for our youth and young people.


I am committed to :

 protecting the unique natural environment of the islandsustainable economic growth and employment 

good governance

promoting youth employment and wellbeing 


I 'Walk the Talk’ by:

Participating in community affairs and planning

Actively protecting native species in a 640 hectare sanctuary

Creating and sustaining employment

Buying local and supporting local business

Supporting local fundraising

Engaging with youth


I Believe

Barrier is the best place on the planet to live

That sustainable means making better use of what we have, not more

That building the size of our community will improve local economic viability

That niche tourism will work for the island

That a rat and feral cat free Great Barrier is the best path towards economic and environmental wellbeing

Open Conversation

Date: 11/09/2013

By: Scott Sambell

Subject: Great Work

Thank you for running for local board Judy. You have our total and utter support as always.

Date: 23/05/2013

By: sue whaanga

Subject: future

Feeling positive and excited for our collective future, thankyou

Date: 27/05/2013

By: Sue Whaanga

Subject: Re: future

Im excited too , thank you for your support. We are blessed to live in such an awesome place, aye?

Date: 06/05/2013

By: Mieneke Wells

Subject: onwards

Great website Judy have passed it on to the girls and a few more people that I know, good luck Mieneke

Date: 12/05/2013

By: Mieneke Wells

Subject: Re: onwards

Cheers and thank you

Date: 19/04/2013

By: Mike Brown

Subject: Awesome!!

Great website Jude & great forward looking initiatives for our wonderful island & community.
You'll get my vote!!

Date: 28/04/2013

By: Mike Brown

Subject: Re: Awesome!!

Thank you Mike -please spread the link with your Medlands mates. Judy

Date: 17/04/2013

By: Jill Bloor

Subject: Well Done

Great stuff Jude, go hard, I do hope you succeed, xo Jill

Date: 28/04/2013

By: Jill Bloor

Subject: Re: Well Done

THanks Jill. I'll give it my best shot.
Make sure you and Wayne are registered on the GB electoral roll as ratepayers so you can vote here for the Local Board. See how to vote section in my website. Judy

Date: 15/04/2013

By: Fenella Christian

Subject: website

Looks great Jude. Great to see it up and running. Good luck with your campaign

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Windy Hill Sanctuary News

In preparation for our planned red crowned kakariki  breed and release programme we have just completed a fabulous four flight aviary. Partially funded by Auckland Council EIFund the aviary was built by Windy Hiller, Chris Thompso,n and the Sanctuary Field Manager, Kevin Parsons. If all our applications are approved we will have breeding kakariki this time next year.

Success in the Sanctuary

All through the year we monitor the levels of rats which gives us an idea of how well our pest management programme is working. The goal is to have an average annual percentage close to 5% as measured by rat tracking tunnels as shown below. 2013 has been a successful year with our sanctuary avaerage at 8.7%.


Well done to the field team!




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