Voting Information

27/02/2013 03:07

If you are a Great Barrier Island ratepayer that does not reside on island you can still vote in the Local Board elections.

Great Barrier now has around 60% of its private landowners living off island. Your vote is IMPORTANT.

For Local Boards, an elector living in one area and owning a property in a different Local Board of the same area( ie Auckland) is entitled to register as a ratepayer elector for the different Local Board area. Their voting entitlement as a ratepayer elector is limited to the Local Board election.

Please open pdf below  for enrollment forms

 Enrolment form for ratepayer electors (PDF 193KB)
Living in one area and paying rates in another (PDF 346KB)


Click on the pdf below to check on your voting eligibility as on off island ratepayer then put yourself on the Great Barrier electoral roll when the forms come your way. 


Does applicant

pay rates in


Applicant is ELIGIBLE

for ratepayer roll



ratepayer roll enrolment

(separate community board

entitlement only). Note this

nomination covers ‘all’

properties owned by this entity

within the particular district.

enrolment (for

separate community

board area(s) only).

ONE of these

ratepayers may be

nominated to vote on

behalf of the joint

owners. Note this

nomination covers ALL

properties owned by the

joint owners.